Welcome to Asian American Intervarsity at UChicago!

Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV) is a Christian RSO at the University of Chicago and a chapter of the greater InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Our Vision Statement

We seek to live out God’s Kingdom in light of our Asian/-American experience by engaging our campus and being a community united by our hope in Jesus Christ. We invite students of all faith and ethnic backgrounds to come as they are and grow in knowledge of God’s love.

God's Kingdom

We see in Scripture how the kingdom of God is proclaimed as good news and how Jesus teaches his disciples to pray that God’s kingdom would come on earth, a kingdom where many who are the first will be last and the last will be first. We desire to explore what the Kingdom of God looks like and to embody it as a fellowship.

Our Campus

We are not only members of a Christian fellowship, but also students at the University of Chicago. As such, we seek to love our campus. Rather than turning inward and becoming insular, we strive to share the good news of Jesus Christ to our peers, to live out God’s heart of justice by engaging in social justice issues, to participate in community service, and to be present in Asian/-American conversations and spaces on campus.

Our Community

We desire to be a group of people who support one another, who rejoice together and mourn together. We hope to be like the early church as it is depicted in Acts: being one in heart and mind, praying together, and relying on God and His grace.


We are keenly aware of the brokenness that exists in the world, in other people, and in ourselves. Rather than falling into despair, however, we come together with hope in Christ, whose death and resurrection on the cross redeem our brokenness. We strive to be a people who pray together for our world, our campus, and one another, waiting expectantly for God to work in our lives.


We call people to come to our small groups, large groups, and other events just as they are, with any and all of their insufficiencies, with the hope that they would be able to experience the joy of being fully known and fully loved. We welcome those of any stage of faith, denomination, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, gender, or class.


We hope that in Asian-American InterVarsity, we would be able to learn more about who the God that we believe in and worship truly is, to have a deeper and broader understanding of His justice, His mercy, His faithfulness, and above all, His love.

Large Group

Every Friday night at 7 PM at Ida Noyes West Lounge, the entire fellowship gathers to worship, fellowship, and wrestle with issues of faith, culture, and what it means to seek faith in the university environment...and just hang out! Our hope is that you will feel welcome as we seek to show the love of Jesus to one another, our campus, and our community.

Small Group

Looking for deeper community? Check out a small group! Once a week, small groups meet in various dorms across campus to fellowship and read a passage from scripture. Whether you’ve been Christian your whole life or are just beginning to explore Christianity, small groups are a place everyone can learn more about the transformative teachings of Jesus.


We believe that a big part of spiritual growth is having mentors who not only speak truth into our lives but also help us translate our faith into meaningful action. Throughout the year, we will be matching upper-classmen with under-classmen to meet up, as well as to go forth and serve the fellowship, the campus, and the community in various ways.